The Storms..

Do you like the rain?   It's been raining and I love it when the rain stops for a moment and the sun is shining through the gray clouds and the yellows and greens become more vivid.  The grass and trees are so beautiful right now.  Flowers are starting to bloom and the land is starting to become more peaceful after the hard cold winters.  I can smell the rain, it is like a potion.. It takes me back to long summers at the lake.. taking walks in open fields..  and exploring in the woods.  I do miss those days but the smell of the rain takes me back.  Back to days that were easier.. back when life seemed so much sweeter.  I miss the country..  I miss the peace that it would bring to me.  I loved the way it smelled and sounded..  I can only hope that I will occasionally be blessed with days where I can get a glimpse back to the life where I had no worries.  I hope that someday I will be able to go back..  back to a land where I feel at peace with me and with the world.  To a day when I can step out into the grass..  hand and hand with the man I love... we lift our faces to the sun and just soak it in..


lunch has become a chore..

Today I had to figure out what to eat based on these criteria:

1. not messy (no sauces or gravy's that would drip and/or cause my hands to become sticky or dirty)
2. Something that can be eaten with one hand as the other hand is too busy to eat.
3. Something with a fork.. forks are our best friends as we don't like messes (see #1)
4.  All in one.. not something that has multiple parts.  So soup and salad is OUT!

What did I decide on?!!    

Chipotle Burrito Bowl!  Easy.. no sauces.. Fork!..  All in one!!

One hand can now shovel food into my face and the other can happily work!