blogging just to blog

I haven't written for a while. Suppose I just didn't think there was much to write about. Or that what has been on my mind isn't worth writing about or probably shouldn't be written here.

Something I probably should have blogged about.. I GOT MARRIED... sheesh. I got married and didn't even write about it. As it is, anyone who actually would take the time to read this already knows that I got married. For anyone that cares.. I got married on May 22, 2009. There.. I blogged about getting married. Consider this done.

So today.. the thing I have been thinking about is weird. Do you ever wish you had a life soundtrack? You know.. kinda like when you watch a movie and when the people are moving through the mundane parts of their day they have a song playing while there is no dialog. So on those days when I am sitting at my desk, or driving my car, or when I'm cleaning the litter boxes and I'm just alone and thinking.. i would like to have music playing in my head. Almost as if I had earbuds in and was listening to my iPod however the song would fit the time of my life and what was going on at the moment and my mood.. no one else could hear it.. just in my head.. no earbuds necessary. Unless of course I was in a conversation and it would fade into the background and I either couldn't hear it or it was extremely faint because HOW annoying would that be!

anyway.. that's where I'm at today. Oh.. and I'm thinking about trying to learn the guitar.
Whaddya think?