a dream and my inspiration

Dreaming of my dressing room lately.  I really want to get working on it again.  I have been creating a Pinterest board for inspiration of the things I have been dreaming of putting in there.  Luckily I think I have most of the things to pull this off.

I haven't gone too crazy since I think I really know where I want to go with the room but here is what I have posted so far:

Simple vanity stool and a braided rug

I believe I have a vanity stool around the house somewhere that just needs a little pick-me-up. Little cleaning and a reupholstered seat will go a long way. The braided rug will probably be the hardest for me. Hopefully I can find one that I like and is within a price I'm willing to pay.

Closet shelving and 1920's Pin-up photos

The closet shelving will likely be the most expensive thing we will have to install. I want to get something nice but don't want to spend thousands of dollars.  Hopefully we can find what we need in a decent price range.  I also love 1920's or earlier pin-up photos.  Put them in some vintage frames and hang randomly around the room. {swoon}

Vintage inspired wallpaper and Art Deco vanity

This is pretty easy.. I've seen some really beautiful vintage inspired wallpaper at Lowe's or Home Depot so that is easily done and not too expensive.  I only plan on wallpapering the one wall where there won't be any closet shelving.  As for the art deco vanity.. Check!  Eric's mom gave me a beautiful vanity when we moved into our house and it has been patiently sitting downstairs waiting for a room to move into and be used.  (can't wait!!)

Door knobs as functional art and a beautiful chandelier

Well.. Check & Check!   I have been slowly collecting old door knobs that I like over the years.  I don't have very many but that is okay. This is something that I can add as I find ones I like.  I want to use them to hang scarves, necklaces or pieces of art from in the room.  Also I came across an old chandelier similar to the one in the picture, but a little more simple, in the basement when we moved in. It just needs a good cleaning and possibly some rewiring. I'm also super excited to bring that chandelier back to life and give it a new home in the dressing room.

Hopefully I can pull this off and it doesn't look awkward when put together.
Now if only I could get Eric to install the rest of the insulation and get working on some new windows and drywall!!  (hint, HINT!)


daily journaling

While reading the blog The Pioneer Woman today there was a post about writing a daily journal.  I used to have a diary and would write on occasion however i was never good at keeping up with it on a daily or even weekly basis.  Sometimes i'd pick my book up to write and i would notice it had either been many months or even up to a year since i wrote anything down.  I have always enjoyed going back through my writings to see how i was feeling or what was going on which makes me wish i would write more often.

This year i want to write more.. and on The Pioneer Woman blog there was a post about 280daily.com
It's a journaling website but for you and you alone.  no sharing to FB no ability for other people to read your writings.  What i like the best about it is that the idea is to keep the writing short and sweet.  280 characters.
I can do that!

What is also nice is you can add a photo to your post.. so I give myself a second challenge.. Not only to write something every day about my day but to add a photo to each post.  That photo can be a random photo of my dog or some building i think looked neat.. but it has to be from that day.

So.. write every day about my day, post a pic daily, and keep it up.

What will help.. they send emails every day to remind you to write!  Cause this girl.. she will definitely need reminders..

Bonus.. in time through the site you have the option to purchase a book printed and delivered of your writings!  Now that is neat!  Something that you can share one day if you so choose.. 

ps.. the dictionary says that the word 'journaling'.. well isn't in fact a word.. but i'm using it anyway.


On hair

So I'm at the salon sitting waiting for the color on my head to finish doing what it does. 
I love coming to the salon.  I like the smell and enjoy watching the ladies do their magic on peoples heads.  Its fascinating and I'm a bit jealous..  I wish I could make hair look fantastic.

So as I sit here I also get a little sad.  I see all these lovely people in here doing hair, getting their hair done and I sit here and wonder what it is like to not have a skin disorder on my scalp.  It's tough.. a girls hair is a huge part of what makes her feel pretty or attractive.  At least for me it is...

I see mine as this mess of hair with areas where it is so thin from where a lot of hair has fallen out. And damage from the medicated oils and shampoos I use.  I want to love my hair again. I want to enjoy playing with different looks and styling my hair. 

I recently came upon an old photo where I had my long hair. It looked healthy and even a bit thick.

I have very thin and fine hair which can make matters worse when my scalp gets bad.
I hope that some day this skin issue will just disappear and one day this feeling of not liking how I look because I hate my skin and I only see the flaws and problems fades away.
Some day I hope to feel pretty again.