train of thought..

Sitting in bed.. listening to a bunch of lovely ladies singing songs that I wish I could write.
What could I write about 2008.. hmm.. not a whole lot. But it wasn't a bad year.. became an aunt for the second time.. she is so lovely.. got engaged.. love that man so so very much.. found some great music... still can't stop listening to kate nash... also found sia.. very nice another aussie.. i wish I could write such pretty things... makes me miss playing an instrument but I don't have time for that right now.. don't feel like i have time for much of anything.. little brother got engaged.. crazy... little brother getting married.. trying to plan my wedding.. not getting much done.. need more money and need it faster than it is showing up.. hoping work stress is less this new year.. last year work stress was pretty bad.. cried a lot about work.. skin problem on scalp very bad currently... missing my hair.. hope it comes back soon.. no babies for me yet.. still trying still hoping.. found Lenka also.. lovely singer sounds so upbeat in all her songs.. so lovely.. wish I could paint.. again no time... felt lonely a lot this past year... lost two furry kids.. still miss them so much.. they were with me for too short of time.. want a puppy but decided it wasn't time.. still miss dad.. realizing that a 30 year old woman still needs her father.. nothing fixes things like hugs from dad.. realize how much I look like my mother.. kinda crazy... but a good thing.. love her.. love my crazy family.. want more nieces and nephews.. wish I had more time with them.. wish they had everything they needed with less stress.. wish I could cook without having to clean dishes... wish I didn't have to clean at all.. but that isn't happening anytime soon.. so many projects so little time so not enough money.. got a knitting project started.. might actually finish this new scarf by the time winter is over.. love my dog and love my cats.. life would suck without furry creatures to cuddle with.... realize every day how much more I love eric.. I wish I could find a word that actually explained how much I loved eric... reminds me of some of my favorite lyrics from a kate nash song... `Well the stars up in the sky and the leaves in the tree All the broken bits that make you trip up and the grassy bits inbetween All the matter in the world, that’s how much I like you’... so lovely.. think it's time to finish this up as i'm a girl and this could go on forever.. finally.. I got some pictures off my camera.. here are the pictures from the trip to Eureka Springs.. love you all.. and wishing you the best 2009.

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CeliaAnne said...

Sounds good. What's the melody?