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we finished taking down the walls!  demo is complete!

Here is eric preparing to take down the last of the remaining wall..

not exactly sure what we were listening to.. but apparently it had some awesome air guitar

As we were taking down the last bit we found another relic on the wall..

Perhaps this one isn't as old as the other...  :)

Here we go!

And it's done!!


Now we need to do some electrical work as we need to add a couple of outlets.

I will also be calling about some windows for the room.

And then there is this...

Not sure what this is from.. but i will need to call a plumber to have them check it out and see if it can be cut and put back together below the floor.

after admiring our work.. if you stand in the corner by the two outside walls and look down it feels like you are standing on a floating floor..

Just a bit freaky....

maybe i'm weird.. but lathe & plaster can be pretty at times..

we got all this done on saturday.. sunday we worked on cleaning up the dust trail from carrying all the mess out of the house.   It was such a beautiful day so we also spent some time with erics lovely mom and jerry and had funhouse pizza for dinner.  This evening eric and I and all 5 of our pet kids climbed onto the couch and watched a couple of episodes of Dr. Who.. wish i had a picture of that.  Eric, me, 2 dogs & 3 cats on the couch.  This weekend was a success.

once we get more done on the room i'll give you an update!

now off to bed for me and the fam..

signing off..   -d

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