On hair

So I'm at the salon sitting waiting for the color on my head to finish doing what it does. 
I love coming to the salon.  I like the smell and enjoy watching the ladies do their magic on peoples heads.  Its fascinating and I'm a bit jealous..  I wish I could make hair look fantastic.

So as I sit here I also get a little sad.  I see all these lovely people in here doing hair, getting their hair done and I sit here and wonder what it is like to not have a skin disorder on my scalp.  It's tough.. a girls hair is a huge part of what makes her feel pretty or attractive.  At least for me it is...

I see mine as this mess of hair with areas where it is so thin from where a lot of hair has fallen out. And damage from the medicated oils and shampoos I use.  I want to love my hair again. I want to enjoy playing with different looks and styling my hair. 

I recently came upon an old photo where I had my long hair. It looked healthy and even a bit thick.

I have very thin and fine hair which can make matters worse when my scalp gets bad.
I hope that some day this skin issue will just disappear and one day this feeling of not liking how I look because I hate my skin and I only see the flaws and problems fades away.
Some day I hope to feel pretty again.


Bjarnni Badassen said...

You are so damned pretty and I am so damned lucky.

Anonymous said...

I had seborhoeic dermatitis for years. It seems to have gone (1 month and still waiting to see more days). No more flaky stuff in my head, and my hair seems healthy...

You absolutely need to try tea tree oil.

This is what i did:

I applied it for 90 consecutive days on my scalp (or everywhere the problem is) before bedtime, most of the time diluted 5% with distilled water (or you can use other types of oils for dilution too, but you need to know that these doesn't clog more your pores search for "non-Comedogenic" type of oil), and the last 20 days i applied it undiluted even though its not recommended at the instructions. During these 90 days, i normaly used my medical shampoos interchangeably (active ingredients: zinc pirithione/ Daohair brand, selenium sulfide/ Selsun brand) too. But after that i stopped completely to use head shampoo, and just do water rinsing. That may help to restore skin scalp microflora.

Also made sure that i am not deficient in important minerals for example Zinc (incorporated more oysters, cashews, pumpkin and sunflower seeds at my daily meals) and that my immune system is not compromised, and boosted it (my gut bacteria) by drinking milk kefir at my daily programme.

Also followed "No white diet". No sugar (all types of sweets and candies- i use just a bit of honey for breakfast), no white flour (bread, pastas etc.). Choosed whole grain bread made of rye 100%, and whole grain rye or barley flour. Or make yours from sprouted seeds and legumes (iezekiel bread/ Danish rugbrod etc.), No rice overconsumption, corn and potatoes. I avoid fried foods. And gone towards an unprocessed food type diet (yes white flour is overprocessed, corn flakes has added sugar and are over processed too, and most of the supermarket packaged foods are processed too). And moved towards a mostly plant based/oriented diet with a lot of legumes, salads, and when i eat meat i choose fish.

That is what i did, and i 'm still on progress...! Cheers!!!