time for a new look & update

Haven't been out here for a bit and took a look at the blog.. decided i didn't like the look of it any more. So i changed the template i used and went with something a little more clean looking. I think it is easier to read.

Update: it has been a very long month for me. July started off pretty good and proceeded to hit rock bottom last week. On the first of July I received a new dog. He was a Pomeranian named Cody. He was originally Eric's grandfathers dog and after he passed away Cody went to live with a friend of the family. Recently the friend had to move and couldn't take Cody with her so he came to live with me. I took him to the vet since we knew he had a thyroid problem that hadn't been check for a few months and I also took him to the groomers and got his hair cut and him all bathed up. He was so cute and cuddly. I was just getting used to having him around and it was starting to set that he was becoming my dog, then last week he died. We figured out he was probably between 13 and 16 years. I had him for less than 1 month. I'm still pretty upset about the whole thing. I am clinging to my other dog Rudy right now. Poor girl probably doesn't know what hit her.. I have been loving on her (bugging if you ask her) since last week. Just the though of losing her scares me. I've had her for almost 9 years now. I just don't think I can take any more sudden deaths with my animals. 2 in the last 2 months is enough for a few years if you ask me. Otherwise I am getting on just fine. Got some loans paid off and still trying to get stuff done around the house. Still haven't finished the bathroom but we have begun to work on it again. Hopefully it will be done soon. We really don't have much to do now. Hard to believe that August is Friday. Depression is setting in again as this year has flown by. So much I feel I should have accomplished this year and I'm just not sure that I can now. Who knows..

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Thanks for the props on the brewery page. I was sure I was alone in cyberspace. Give me a hollar next time you're up and I'll be happy to buy you a pint.