fresh ink.

So this Friday, on a whim I went out to a local tattoo parlor. A few friends suggested this place anytime I mentioned wanting another tattoo. So I grabbed up my pictures and dragged Eric out with me to Mercy Seat. I really wasn't sure if I would be able to get in on a Friday to get it done but thought I'd at least check it out and set up a time to come back. So Eric and I get there and start talking to a few guys. And lo and behold they could get me in right then. Now this was not my first tattoo. My first tattoo was the rose my dad drew up and had a tattoo of on his chest. I found the original drawing after he died and had them lay the rose down on my lower back. Some call this a tramp stamp but I would like to make it known that mine is not such a thing. First off this is not an fairy, butterfly or tribal... and above all mine has a very significant meaning behind it and sentimental value. This lovely blue rose took all of 3 and a half hours to complete with no breaks in between. It was painful but totally worth it. My second tattoo is on my right wrist and it is of a Celtic knot. It is a very simple maybe even fairly common version of a Celtic knot. Got it as a shout out to my lovely Celtic roots as my maiden name is Welsh. Now I remember these hurting. The one on my wrist wasn't so bad. But I remember the one on my back hurting.. and feeling like a bad sunburn by the time I got home right after it was complete. I remember completely stripping down when I got home that evening because it felt so hot. As soon as I walked into the door I took off my shirt pants and underwear and laid on the couch while my husband fanned my shiny sore buttocks. Now I thought I knew what to expect with this new tattoo. So as I sit there and this kind stranger pokes me thousands of times with tiny needles I think this is not too bad. I can take this. Breath in breath out.. breath in breath out.. It was nice that Eric was there.. he would be talking which helped distract me from what was being done to my back. So about an hour goes by and he is done with the black. (Sigh of relief). So I get up and take a look at it. It is looking great! One of my favorite parts of getting tattoos is when they wet down paper towels and clean off the newly tattooed area. Remember me talking about bad sunburns.. well think how a nice cold wet cloth on that area would feel.. totally wonderful! So Jason (oh that is the tattoo artist) decides he wants to take a smoke break at this point. I'm fine with that, really doesn't bother me at all. He gets back and we get to coloring. Now here comes the pain. I don't remember the other one on my back hurting this much.. Holy Freaking OUCH!! This shit hurts!! there are areas real close to my arm pit and damn that is tender! But that didn't compare to the pain I felt when he was right on the edge of my shoulder blade toward the center of my back!! I would have to shut my eyes because it hurt so bad I'd start blinking non stop.. it was just easier to shut my eyes. Focus.. Breath in breath out.. Two and a half hours later we are done.. and my back hurts.. my armpit hurts.. my legs freaking hurt!! WTF! My neck hurts. My jaws hurt.. Oh I chewed a lot of gum also, another thing to try to keep my mind focused on other things. Seems that the older you get the more these things hurt! Which really kinda sucks.. I have about 4 more tattoos already picked out! Guess I better start saving my money so I can get them done quickly. Think from now on the tattoos will either be smaller or I'll start having to do the black and the color in separate seating's. Here is the original picture I took in.
I had them add pink because that is pretty standard with magnolias and it is virtually impossible to have a completely white tattoo. It turned out beautiful. The line work is really great! It's not what I imagined but I absolutely love how it came out. Needless to say I will be going back to Mercy Seat to see Jason Saint again.

Here is my new tattoo.

** On a side note.. I met an old high school classmate while there. Jim.. it was good to see and talk to you again!

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CeliaAnne said...

I am being turned to the darkside on the whole tat thing. I may end up with one yet. ;)