Spring Cleaning..

.. at the end of Summer! WTF! So the bug has hit.. even if it was late. Eric and I have been cleaning up the house. We got a 20' dumpster a week ago and today finally got it filled up. Though it didn't take us that long. We really didn't get to work on it much during the week.

Today we went through the attic. It is so much nicer up there now. We keep talking about maybe finishing the attic space so we will have another room. Some insulation and some drywall.. that would make it a very neat place! Might turn it into a craft room or maybe even the office. Who knows..

Now we need to finish the basement and then I think we will be done. We have just under half of the basement left to go through. Then.. Just then might we able to actually finish moving into this place!! I still have boxes that I haven't unpacked up in the attic and we haven't been able to spread out in the basement because of all the "junk" that was grandpas that we are just now getting out. Soon I will have a craft space downstairs.

I have a small wooden model boat that I want to put together but I need a place that I can sand it and that would make too much dust in any other room in this house. I also still have a model car and a carousel that I need to put together. Maybe the I'll also start drawing again.. I miss drawing or any forms of art really. But right now I don't have any space to do it.

This week I have to get over to the Raytown house also. We keep talking about fixing it up to sell. But my cousin called and asked about renting it so hopefully he will and will help me do some of the repairs around that place. It would take some of the financial burden and some of the physical pain off me also! So everyone keep their fingers crossed for me that he rents the place, or that I get it all ready and cleaned up to sell.

Ok.. that was my rambling for today.. it is now 2:35 am and I need to sleep so I can get up and work my ass off again. Catcha later!

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