The never ending bathroom project

Sigh.. We moved in here in September 2006

And it took a year to get this far

no toilet.. no heat... no shower. The first year we would go next door to Eric's moms house to take showers. We do have a half bathroom downstairs.. so going pee was easy.. just taking a shower was a pain in the butt..

Oh.. and no sink or doors

So here it is 2008 and we do now have a working bathtub and shower

We also now have a working toilet and heat! If you notice we still need to order the front panel for the tub but it functions and that is just cosmetics.. I also need to finish painting and buy new blinds for the window as the mauve mini blinds are UGLY!

We also put up the most important door in the bathroom... the one in the hallway! So now if we have guests over they can shut the door and no one can see in when they walk up the stairs!

Amazing, I KNOW!!

Recently we got the walls completely painted and there are only a couple of sections that I need to finish painting on the trim and I need to paint the shelving and reline the shelves. We also installed the towel bar and the medicine cabinet.

Looks pretty good! I moved the sink in to see what it would look like and I think it will look really good. Below is a picture of what the whole thing will look like once we get it all hooked up.

Eric says that we will be working on the bathroom this weekend.. I guess I'll just wait and see!

While this project is moving along very slowly and we have encountered a few hiccups I think it is looking pretty nice. Once this is done then we will start on the spare room that we are converting to a dressing room. Hopefully it won't take more than a month or two to get it done.. instead of years!

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