Ah Sheet

So I am an idiot. Here it is 10:30 at night and I just put a load of laundry in the wash. But it wasn't just any laundry. It was the sheets off my bed. It was so far beyond time to wash them.. I know.. you all don't want to hear about my dirty sheets and how long they were on my bed before I washed them, but they are my favorite sheets. I do have another set of sheets but I don't love them. So now I will be up waiting for those to finish in the wash then have to sit and wait for them to dry. So I seriously don't see me going to bed till after midnight tonight. So what better time than to write!
(bad.. in the few sentences i have already written there are 4 that start with So... I so seriously have a problem... So.... )

I have been meaning to buy some new sheets for my bed since I don't like the other set that I have. The fitted sheet doesn't stay on the mattress.. and it drives me nuts! But if I was to be honest, my favorite sheets don't stay on the mattress either, but they stay on better!! My favorite sheets are the kind that are nice and crisp and cool when you get into bed. They aren't scratchy or too stretchy. I know that sounds weird.. but have you ever had a set of sheets that after one night they seem too big for the bed and every time you make your bed you have to pull them on all sides and practically tuck a ton of extra sheet that you have NO idea where it has come from back under the mattress??!! I don't like stretchy sheets. Those jersey sheets, don't like... flannel, don't like.. too stretchy. They may be warm in the winter but I hate to have to make a bed with those kind of sheets on them.

Now my husband would probably agree I am crazy when it comes to making the bed. The odd part about that is... I don't make the bed in the morning even when I can. Most of the time the husb is still sleeping so I can't, but on those odd mornings when we get up around the same time I don't care so much about making the bed. I make the bed right before I get into it at night. I have to straighten everything about the bed. I can't sleep if there is a wrinkle in my bed. The husb comes in and will lie down and I throw a fit because I haven't made the bed yet. Seriously!!! How can you sleep in a bed that has wrinkles and the blanket on top is longer on one side than the other.. and really.. the edge of that fitted sheet isn't over the entire mattress corner! I will start to twitch when I can't make the bed before I get in. I will let the husb help me make the bed at night but it will result with me sighing a lot and pointing to the small wave that is still in the sheet that he hasn't pulled tight. Or how he hasn't pulled the top of the blanket up far enough or has pulled it up too far. It's a problem I know... He should know how to do it by now!! I've also showed him how to tuck in the corners on the top sheet so that it is nice and neat (thanks mom, that was all you! She even showed me how to properly fold a fitted sheet. I'm a pro!)

So I need to go buy a new set of sheets. I really think a person should have two sets of sheets for their bed. One just isn't enough.. or you end up like me waiting for your sheets to finish in the wash late at night (current time: 10:54 pm) so you can stay up even later and wait for them to dry. If you have a second set you can rip those nasty, stinky set of sheets off and just throw on a clean set and can be in bed reading the book you need to finish before your next book club by 10:30.. or heck even earlier.. or not. But to have more than 2 sets of sheets for one bed.. don't you think that is overkill? I would end up having 5 sets of sheets to wash because why wash that one you just took off if you have 4 more sets clean in the closet!? Now that would be a nightmare! I have a hard time getting off my lazy ass as it is to wash my clothes let alone 4 sets of dirty sheets! They would probably engulf me and my husband would have to live the rest of his life alone without a wife because she drowned in the sea of sheets in the basement. Poor guy.

ohh.. i think the washer is done.. off to put them in the dryer. mmm.... fresh sheets tonight. Even though it will be late, slipping into those will be heaven, too bad my man isn't home to share it with me tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with you, two sets of sheets and no more. And nothing better then clean sheets for a good nights sleep. Gary also laughs at me for straighting the sheets before I get in to bed. Just like Princess and the Pea we feel all those wrinkles.