Day 1: Front Porch Project

I have been wanting to tackle the front porch for a long time and finally I decided it was time. I had been talking about it for the past week and this weekend it was decided to get it going. So I got myself and Eric out from in front of our computers and got us working.

We have a pretty decent front porch. The main draw back for me is that it is pink.. Yes you read that right, my front porch is painted PINK! ugg. I had bought some light gray paint last year and was planning on painting but that never happened so now that is the plan. Some clean up and some paint and viola! A pretty shiny area where we can have a sit and relax.....
Or so I thought.

Ever since we moved in the porch has been a catch all. For empty boxes from things we purchased, broken stuff, stuff we mean to get rid of, recycling and who knows what else. Essentially it was a disaster!

So first off I had to clear it all out. A few things were put away in the basement where they belonged in the first place but never made it but a few feet past the front door. A few more went to the attic. A lot was put out with the trash and I bundled up all the cardboard to take to recycling.. wherever that may be. (I'll look that up later) But we got it cleaned off.

Next was the ceiling. When we moved in a few years ago I had wanted to start working on the porch and we removed the gold shag carpet and the ceiling tiles. The ceiling titles are like the same material that is used in drop ceilings. They were all nailed to the ceiling and we pulled them down. But we never went back to remove all the nails. So that was next on the list.

After removing all the nails there was some crown molding that had to come down too because we are/maybe/who knows going to just put up some new stuff over the old since it is so damaged from when that roof leaked. (That leak was fortunately fixed before we moved in.. thank goodness). Once a new ceiling goes up we are just going to use the old crown molding.. least that is the idea. We'll see what happens.

While that doesn't seem like much for one day it was plenty for my back. Ugg..
However I think I will sleep well tonight.

The progress:
So much better!

Damaged ceiling:

Next: Eric wants to see about insulating above the ceiling. That means cutting a few areas out that are bad and some access holes and spraying insulation! Yay for warm porch! We will then be figuring out what we are going to put up over what remains of the old ragged ceiling and get it hung and painted! Likely some bead board or some kind of paneling.. Cheap is the motto here!

Can't wait!

So far: $7 for spray paint (I'll show you what that is for later!)
**I'm not including the cost of the paint that was purchased last year.

Total: $7 and a sore back!

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