blogging.. for the sake of blogging?

I wanted to write something.  it's not much.  but here goes..

things i want..
new phone
new clothes
new house
complete knowledge of/about my new job
energy/want to do house work
fingernail polish

things i need...
an understanding and thoughtful husband
a great set of friends
a roof over my head
my health
a loving & supportive family
a stable job
time to smile and laugh with my husband, friends & family
nieces & nephews that are cuter than bugs ears

things i have...
a absolutely wonderful husband
ability to learn and go to training for my new job which is stable
mostly healthy
the most amazing friends ever that come hang out with me and let me hang out with them and play silly games and watch silly movies and can laugh the night away with and will let me cry and lend me their shoulder when I need it
a home that while isn't a dream really isn't as bad as i can make it out to be
the ability to purchase the food that is needed and wanted at times
some of the best brothers and sister-in-laws and mothers and fathers and more than this girl could ask for
plenty of clothes while not new and shiny more than enough to get me through
the ability to have a nice phone while not the newest and the most fanciest it works and keeps me in touch with the people that I love
the funniest and most beautiful niece and nephew that make me gush with pride just when i hear them say my name..  can't wait to have a whole gaggle of them to make me laugh and gush with pride, for those are MY nieces and nephews!

So what do i not have...
the energy to do housework
fingernail polish

I think i'm doing pretty darn good!
Happy 2011
May you have what you need and see that you already have what you want.

all my love,

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terra said...

i love it!!! and i love you!!!