it's June?!

Dang.. June.. wow.. last post was January!?  I'm a slacker.

haven't been out to my blog well.. since January.. and it looks so sad out here..  I think it is time for a change.

i think i have been pretty sad lately and i think my blog shows that..  :(    but i'm working on that.  It's hard sometimes to drag myself out of my dark hole of self pity.. but i think i have found my bliss.. i knew it a long time ago.. but recently it kinda hit me..  Baking!  I love it.. i want to do it always.  now if only i could make a living baking cakes, and pretty breads or frying donuts!  I'll see what i can do about that, in the mean time, i will not make my blog seem so sad and dreary.. and i will write up some posts about my recent baking adventures!!  
Stay tuned!

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