it's a metaphor

the sea, the sun & my moon

i am sitting here adrift in the sea
sometime there are waves crashing down and i think i may drown
     sometimes i don't fight it and i wish the sea would take me
     sometimes i try to fight back which usually just leads me dripping wet and tired
     but most times i just hold on.. knowing...
that i have a beautiful friend, the sun
     she has a beautiful blond almost white light.
     she shows me that there is light even though it seems so far away at times
     she helps me want to hold on
     she tells me i am strong
     she is beautiful and i would be lost without her
sometimes the sea is dead still and i move neither forward or backward
     it makes me feel lost
     i try to push myself forward but i go nowhere
     sometimes i lay there and cry and ask why..
         i try so hard, i push, i paddle, i wear myself out trying but yet i go nowhere
         i don't understand
     but i know there is someone i can count on..
my rock, my moon
     he is my strength when i have none
     he follows me wherever i go watching over me
     he quietly helps me carry my burdens
     seeing him i know i will be alright.  he will always be there
at times the wind pushes me in directions i don't want to go
and at other times there is a soft breeze at my back pushing me slowly forward
on soft waves that rock me and make me feel content

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