funny message between me and my brother..

2:23:55 PM Jason: psst

2:24:01 PM Dahnks: yes...

2:24:33 PM Jason: you wouldn't happen to have a dollar or so just lyin' aroudn with nothing to do, wouldja?

2:26:14 PM Dahnks: well... let me as them to make sure they don't have any plans.. not sure.. they might be partying in my purse right now.. and may not want to leave.

2:26:44 PM Jason: well, damn.

2:28:29 PM Dahnks: lucky you.. one had already passed out from partying so hard... the others were getting ready to put whipped cream on his face.. He is now here on my desk passed out and i'm sure will wake with a horrible hangover.. but if you use him quickly I won't have to put up with his whiny ass tomorrow.

2:28:48 PM Jason: hehe

2:31:34 PM Jason: poor bastard will wake up squeezed between a sweaty old geezer and someone who's been taped together one-too-many times... if he's lucky he'll be sandwiched between 2 young crispies straight outta the mint...

2:31:39 PM Jason: ... but not likely.

2:31:48 PM Dahnks: LOL

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