bad addiction

My boyfriend and I have this new horrible addiction.. Vintage Stock is now my drug of choice. We go there every time we drive by. We are on the hunt for movies.. Cd's.. I've even looked at records and comic books. That place is the devil. We just got back from there and bought 6 DVDs and a CD. Just Like Heaven (totally mine), The Butterfly Effect, From Hell, Identity, Hell Boy & Land of the Dead, I also got the CD, Alien Ant Farm - Anthology. We also just bought all of the Stargate SG1 series on DVD.. and are currently awaiting season 5 & 6 in the mail of Gilmore Girls. I no longer watch TV.. no news or current events. I'm stuck in bed on this laptop watching a new movie that I just bought or my Gilmore Girl series. FYI.. Some of the series stuff you can get cheaper on Amazon.com brand new rather than buy it at Vintage Stock, even after paying shipping! So be careful what you do..

We also hit Planet Sub today for lunch. I haven't been there for years and he had never been there. I think we might have just found a new favorite place to munch. Anyplace that puts cream cheese on a sandwich is a friend of mine!

Oh.. and if you are looking for a good romantic movie with a twist you have to see The Lake House. Just watched it last night and it was amazing! We now have Long Way Round to watch on DVD.. Its a documentary style series with Ewan McGregor and a 20,000+ mile road trip on a motorcycle with a friend of his. I'm pretty excited to watch it.

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