rain rain...

rain rain go away.. come back.. another... well.. i'd say never but that probably wouldn't be good!

so today i boycott the capital letters.. i will continue to do so until the rain stops.. rain all you want at night just cut that shit out during the day. i need sunshine dammit! these rainy days are here.. it's spring.. what should i expect. if it must rain couldn't the sun at least shine. that would make my day better. suppose it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't sit in front of a window at work..

gloomy.. makes filling out my employees reviews more of a challenge.. here is a picture of the gloom that over looks my desk. hope my employees don't expect good reviews.

i actually spent some time outside this weekend with my dog in our backyard. it was really nice. i'll post some pictures of her and our adventures another time.

we did have this amazing thunderstorm last night. it shook the whole house. if i didn't know there was a storm going on last night i would have sworn it was an earthquake. shook the house up really good. my dog went into the computer room and hid under eric's legs under his desk. poor thing is extremely afraid of loud bangs and booms. i was good with the storm last night. would have been better had it quit by now. i'm ready for the april showers to quit now.. thanks!

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