still nothing important

Wish I had something important to say. Don't though..

In a funk today.. hopefully will be leaving work on time today.. got one hour left. Updated my myspace page today.. really like it.. using a site for the profiles that is made in flash. Pretty cool if I don't say so myself.

Kinda tired also.. Poor Jerry.. Went to the hospital last night. Chest pains. Haven't heard yet if it was in fact a heart attack or not. Tests were good last night.. so hopefully it wasn't another heart attack.

Miss my Eric.. wonder what he is doing. Hope we get to spend some time together tonight. I really need to work on the house though.. Need to do laundry and clean.. blah

Guy is supposed to be looking at my Raytown house today to give me a quote to paint the outside of the house. Hopefully it is a good quote. Eric is supposed to get me a quote for someone to take care of the yard work over there. Wish they would get back with me. I really need to start working on that house again. Need to get it sold... could really use the money.

Ok.. well I had better get back to work. Till next time.

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