Can't they figure out a better system!!!

So now I'm irritated..

So Eric and I weren't paying much attention this weekend and we didn't realize that we didn't get his schedule in. It's been the exact same thing for the past 3 or 4 weeks so we just didn't realize that we didn't get a new schedule.

Come to find out he was supposed to work last night and have Saturday and Sunday off!! That just pisses me off. We could have had the entire weekend but instead their system of sending schedules failed to work and we never got the changes.

They insist on faxing schedules.. WTF.. Haven't they heard of email.. they could then confirm easily that the person got it. Stupid people.

I really hate this company that he is working for. Really wish he would get a different job.
But I suppose that would be more for me than for him. I wish he had a job with the same hours as me.. I'm selfish and I want to have more time with him. I want it to be easier for us to plan things like days off or evenings together.

Gonna have to start buying lottery tickets so we can win lots of money... might be the only way we will get the ability to spend more time together.

..sorry for the pity party..

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