I must have the ability to eat the cheese!!

So I’m trying to be good and start working out.. ugg..

I got on the scale yesterday and I weigh 131 pounds.. Oh My.. While it isn’t really bad it is still not comfortable. So my friend Jen asked me to start working out with her at her house. Yesterday I showed up at her home with my big workout ball (or what the heck ever you call them) and a change of clothes. I also brought over a workout DVD which was only 20 minutes long.. We thought Good! We will start slow and work our way into longer workouts.. OMG!!!!! I’m soooo sore today. Swear I’m walking around like I rode a horse all day yesterday.. who knew that 20 minutes could do so much damage to my poor sweet muscles.. My freaking arm pits hurt also! What the heck is that all about!? I haven’t worked out in over a year and I thought I missed it.. well think again stupid!! This stuff hurts!!

This is going to be my sad attempt to try and lose a few pounds and not feel so mushy around my mid-section. I used to not have to work at this.. I could eat 6 glazed doughnuts and not gain a pound! I don’t do that anymore but I can’t give up my cheese.. so in order to keep myself from becoming fat I am going to start working out. We are going to try and meet on Tuesdays and Fridays.. Wish me luck.. I’m going to need it!

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